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Be Pool Smart: Install a Pool Fence

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Swimming pool edge with ladder and sky background
Winter in Apopka isn't exactly frigid, but it's also not necessarily pool-friendly. For this reason, winter makes a perfect time for pool construction. If you're embarking on this project this winter, make sure you're adding a pool fence to your list, as this addition can provide you and your family several benefits. 
Increased Safety
Among unintentional-injury deaths, drowning is the third leading cause. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the fatalities in this group includes children who wandered near a pool without their parent or caregiver's knowledge. When a young child looks at a large body of water, they only see fun; they are unable to recognize the potential danger.
A pool fence creates a buffer that keeps the entire family safe. Whether the children are playing in the backyard or your little one sneaks away and heads outside, a fence will serve as a safety barrier that keeps your child from accessing the pool.
A fence is also a tool for keeping pets safely away from the water. Note that a fence should only be your first layer of defense; additional measures like a pool cover are recommended, and the fence should be at least 4 feet high.
Insurance Savings
In the state of Florida, insurance protection for a home isn't exactly cheap. Between homeowners insurance, flood coverage, and hurricane coverage, protection costs can soar. Installing a fence around the perimeter of the pool can help lower this cost. When it comes to establishing premiums, insurance companies rely on risk assessments.
The greater the risks a property holds, the more expensive its coverage. The additional layer of security a pool fence affords lowers the risk value of the pool, and this reduction is often rewarded in the form of a policy discount. For some policies, a fence is required to even establish coverage.
Greater Privacy
In many newer subdivisions, a great deal of space between you and your neighbor is a luxury, and given the proximity of the houses, privacy is hard to come by. For homes without a fence around the yard or for homeowners who want to enjoy their pool without the piercing eyes of their neighbors, a pool fence is a great solution for increased privacy.
Even if the goal is just to create a retreat, a fence separates the pool from the rest of the yard and gives you the privacy you desire. If you're just looking for a subtle level of privacy, you can have an aluminum fence installed, but if you want increased coverage, install a vinyl fence.
Style Enhancement
At the end of the day or workweek, coming home isn't just relaxing because you're in your own space. The attractiveness of your home can also give you a sense of peace. A pool can make your backyard just as pleasing to the eyes as other areas of your home.
One reason for this is that pool fences come with a vast range of design options, including material selections, such as aluminum or vinyl. A fence can also be fashioned at the height of your choice and with any additional style elements, such as ornamental designs.
An installer can also assist you in selecting a fence that complements your home's exterior and landscaping. 
Even if you have an existing pool or you are moving to a property that already has a pool, a fence can be just as beneficial to you and your family. A fence installation expert can sit down with you to help you select the appropriate design and style of fence to meet your needs. At Mid State Fence, we are more than happy to assist with this process.


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